Monday, January 30, 2012

Gotcha, Wiley Coyote!

Living in the near-wild as we do, backed up to the Sandia National Forest, we hear and sometimes see a lot of wildlife. Specifically, a lot of coyotes.

Our goal is to avoid conflict with these coyotes, and to protect our dogs. The foundation of our plan is to “know thy enemy”. So last week we  purchased and installed a wildlife surveillance camera.

Here’s our first capture:


That’s right, it’s the infamous Wild Weimaraner. *sigh*

We’ve got lots more photos like this one of our dog … and several of our cars … and of us changing the storage card, etc.

It wasn’t until last night that we got this one:


Yep, that’s a coyote!

At the bottom of the frame you'll see that he cruised by last night about 11:30 pm - the camera automatically records the date, time, temperature and even the moon phase of each photo. (We love this camera: it’s a Primos TruthCam 46.)

But because the nighttime shots are infrared, the detail isn't great. I've edited the photo to brighten & sharpen it, but I still can't tell what he's got in his mouth - and not sure I want to know anyway - it looks like a femur!

Stay tuned for more as we catch them!

Designer, kNotes for kNitters
Creator, Happy Hands Hand Cream for Knitters
Sandia Park, NM

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sprout Blanket! Knitting FO


Just finished knitting this Sprout Blanket for a dear friend’s little one (knitting pattern by Hanna Breetz).

As it turned out, I cast on only one hour before the baby was born, so I knitted like mad to finish before he starts high school (grin).


Love this pattern, really fun to knit. The chart & instructions are very clear, and the symmetrical nature of the design makes it easy TV knitting.

Because the recipient wanted easy, EASY care, I used machine washable & dryable Caron Simply Soft, one-and-a-half skeins (about 475 yds) in Pistachio.

I found the yarn just a wee bit splitty, but switching to blunt needle tips solved that problem. It really a soft, light yarn for baby gifts, and launders beautifully.

Would definitely knit Sprout again!

Designer, kNotes for kNitters
Creator, Happy Hands Hand Cream for Knitters
Sandia Park, NM