Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost Famous! Happy Hands Hand Cream Featured in German Knitting Magazine


TheKnitter_750My Happy Hands hand cream was featured in Germany’s leading knitting magazine, The Knitter!

Big time thanks for this feature to our German wholesale partner, the Knitty Bitty shop in Erfurt, Germany.

Knitty Bitty currently carries 7 of my 32 Happy Hands hand cream fragrances: Cucumber Melon, Grapefruit Twist, Mango Orange, Sandia Sage & Lavender, Tall Cotton, White Tea & Ginger, and Unscented.

According to Angela Mühlpfordt, Knitty Bitty’s owner, the best-selling scent in Germany is Tall Cotton, a light, clean scent also popular here in the States - one of my top three all-time bestsellers, along with Sandia Sage & Lavender and Hippie Chick (a kinder, gentler patchouli).


Since the steep increase in USPS international package shipping rates this January, it’s nice to know my European customers now have a local buying option.

Customers can purchase my Happy Hands hand cream from the Knitty Bitty shop in Erfurt, or order online through Knitty Bitty’s website at http://www.knittybitty.de .

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