Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Harvesting

As I’m getting ready to shut down my old blog permanently, I thought I’d “harvest” the most popular entries from it and re-post them here.

So far I’ve chosen 3 entries from 2007: the New Mexico Fiber Trails Guidebook, the Knitting a Nano Sock project (the first knitting project I ever designed myself, and so of course very easy), and the New Music & Words to Knit By (documenting my discovery of knitting podcasts – don’t laugh, that was in 2007, remember?).

I left these back-dated and pretty much as I originally wrote them two years ago. It’s kinda cute to see what a rank knitting newbie I was then.

You can use the direct links above, or look in the 2007 Blog Archive Folder.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post the most popular blog entry I ever wrote, the Super-Simple, Liquid Soap Making … No Lye! entry. This one I will edit, present-date, and try to incorporate some of the dozens of reader-posted comments.

So stay tuned!

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