Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ode to the Perfect Snowstorm

I suspect that yesterday’s snowstorm may have been the last one of our winter up here in the Sandias, which makes me just a little sad.

I know grown-ups aren’t supposed to like snow. And sure, it can be a hassle when it goes on for days, or when you have to shovel it.

But this was my idea of the “perfect storm”.

(1.) It started stealthily, late in the night.


(2.) We awoke to find 6 inches on the ground, and more coming down.

That’s enough for us to cancel our appointments. The local schools and libraries closed.


(3.) It snowed steadily through lunchtime, long enough to remove any lingering doubts about calling it a “snow day”.

I’d made a pot of tortilla soup the night before, so we were well supplied.

Then we went out to play! The dogs’ favorite game is Snowball Catch.


(4.) The snow was thick, heavy, and wet: just right for snowballs and other constructions.


(5.) Then the skies cleared, and the sun came out.


(Knitters are SO cool.)


(6.) By dinnertime, it was almost all gone.

I’m glad I took the pictures, and the day off.

Designer, kNotes for kNitters
Sandia Park, NM

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